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Top ten Fayum Portraits

At the moment, I’m in full flurry of editing my Classics Honours thesis which is due on Monday. Enjoy these Fayum mummy portraits while I prep my thesis! What strikes me about these is the incredible individuality of each of these faces. It’s like the coloured, painted equivalent of looking at Roman statue busts where […]

Bird feeds chicks her own blood

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So I was flicking over a manuscript in a digital collection, and saw a scene of Adam and Eve in Paradise. I looked up and saw birds in the trees.

'Holkham Bible Picture Book,' British Library, Add MS 47682, Folio 3v

‘Holkham Bible Picture Book,’ British Library, Add MS 47682, Folio 3v

And I thought, that’s beautiful. I love birds.

But then I saw blood…

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